This course is based on a multidisciplinary approach of strategic management that enables students to understand the decision-making nature in various strategic contexts, formulate and implement affair strategies and integrate functional policies in strategic problems resolution. The course presents the fields activities in which the enterprise seeks to integrate. It also tackles the subject of resources allocation to enable enterprises to preserve a strong and defendable position, and to progress in the sector(s) it currently occupies, or seeks to occupy, with a view to maximize invested capital profitability.

LO#1 Comprehend the methodologies that facilitate the application of concepts and tools in strategic planning and decision making.

LO#2 Develop an understanding of Industry and Competitive Analysis exercises and be able to match these for  evaluating company resources and competitive capabilities.

LO#3 Present an integrative and comprehensive approach to strategic management comprising strategic analysis, strategic development and strategic implementation.

LO#4 Use case analysis techniques to fully develop the potential of using strategic management concepts and analytical tools in real business situations.

The purpose of the race is to Provide you with basic skills needed to coordinate the supply, generation and distribution functions of the Hospitals in efficient and professional Manner year.